Nextbox – Your Focused Inbox

The Problem

We are constantly bombarded by emails, both spam we’re better off without and emails we’re actually interested in. But going through a lot of email is a pain and maintaining inbox zero can feel like a pipedream.

The Solution

Nextbox helps you focus on the next unread email. When you’re in the Nextbox you only view one email at a time. No folder list, no email list, no distractions.

You can use easy-to-discover keyboard shortcuts to mark read, reply, and forward emails so you don’t even have to point and click your way to the next email or action.

In addition to make it easier for you to go through your email the app is optimized to be as quick as possible so you don’t waste time waiting for it.

Going through your inbox, which may have once consumed your morning, will only take a few seconds or minutes. As you unsubscribe from spam (there’s a shortcut for that) it will get even faster.

The Launch

Nextbox isn’t done yet so I minimally “launched” it by creating a mailing list and tweeting about it. The UpwardLine Twitter account has 11 followers so that had about the expected impact.

My brother is helping me test it in the interim but in August, when more functionality is completed, I plan to announce the beta more broadly and make it available to people who want to test it. If you’d like to try it out you can get on the list at