Your Friend At – Get Connected to Your Dream Job

To get better at launching projects and learn how to launch them quick, I’m launching 12 things I wish already existed in 12 months.

The Problem

Getting a job is hard. It’s tough to know how much experience you need and which role is the right fit. More importantly, once you do find a job you like, it’s hard to get your foot in the door unless you have a friend who works there who can refer you.

The Solution

Your Friend At connects you with a friend at your dream company who can refer you to your dream job.

Just upload your resume and a real person from that company will take a look. If they’re interested you can arrange to meet

The Launch

Yesterday I posted it on r/bayarea to gauge reactions. They were not good. They boiled down to trying to build trust. So I added my photo, more details about myself, and a link to my LinkedIn and scheduled a Product Hunt post for midnight. I’ll post it on hacker news after incorporating feedback from the Product Hunt launch.