Taskerr – Your Todo Playlist

To get better at launching projects and learn how to launch them quick, I’m launching 12 things I wish already existed in 12 months.

This month was a bit of a roller coaster – I started with a property management app but it got too complex. So I worked on a game booster – but the platform I was using wasn’t great for Mac and I didn’t have a PC to troubleshoot windows issues. So I ended up creating a homepage to launch an app I had built for myself. Taskerr.

The Problem

Focusing on your next action is hard. Todo list apps overwhelm you with notifications and lists of everything you have to do. As someone who’s a little ADD and a little anxious todo list apps only seemed to make things worse.

The Solution

Taskerr makes it easy to create your to do list. It’s a bit like a music playlist. You add your tasks one by one. Then you press play and work through it one item at a time.

When I say one item at a time I mean it. The task takes up the full screen of the app.

My current Taskerr task.

There are handy keyboard shortcuts for desktop and everything is easy to tap on mobile so you can just get in, get your next task, and knock it out.

The Launch

It’s the last day of June so I’m cutting it close.

I’m launching with this blog post (of course) and on Reddit in productivity and business subreddits.

I’ll also ping a few authors who have expressed an interest in productivity based on what I’ve read to see if any would be interested in trying it.

Finally, I’m Product Hunting it.